Company Profile

Founded in 2015, PHOENIX Engineering Technologies (PET) provides the highest and most cost-effective system and micro level engineering solutions to Aerospace, Satcom, Communications, Industrial, Medical, Automotive (ICE & Electric Vehicle), Railroad, and Marine Industries.

With a combined experience of over 75 years, PET has grown to become a world-class provider of systems engineering with an emphasis in Engineering, Embedded Electromechanical, Software Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Composites product solutions and services.

Our company’s reputation for unrivaled excellence and integrity was achieved by combining extensive industry experience with a highly motivated skilled workforce. We provide our customers with complete and customized solutions to meet and exceed their individual needs.

PET is unique. We utilize the latest technologies, materials, tools, software, programs, and equipment for all our activities and continually improve our operational excellence. We are proud of our reputation for providing unparalleled solutions across multiple industries. Our services pan from concept to prototype, to production thru verification and validation processes quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Phoenix Engineering Technologies will strive to be the most capable and dependable engineering company providing solutions and services, leveraging quality, commitment, innovation, and outstanding customer support. PET will conduct all aspects of business with the highest standards of integrity.


To provide world-class engineering solutions, products, utilizing the best-trained professionals with latest technologies in the industry, and promoting growth through innovation, creativity, and commitment to finding the optimal solution for our customers.

Our Core Values and Covenants are the keys to our success.














Ethics & Compliance

Ensuring that our values remain foundational to our work requires a daily commitment from every PET employee.

While each employee is accountable for upholding the code of conduct and following all applicable laws, regulations and company policies, PET advances its unified approach to ethics and compliance through the integration of key functions: Ethics and Business Conduct; Global Trade Controls; Company Audit; Compliance Risk Management; Company & Administrative Services which maintains an enterprise system for all policies, procedures, and processes.

Employee Safety

At PET, our goal for employee safety is as clear and simple as our workplace safety program’s name: Go for Zero – One Day at a Time.• We value human life and health above all else and act accordingly.

• All incidents, injuries, and workplace illnesses are preventable.

• We are personally accountable for our own and collectively responsible for each other’s safety.

• In meeting our goals for quality, cost, and schedule, we will not compromise safety.

Community Care

• Community needs have always been in the heart of PET leadership. And just as our business has evolved and being a company in this society to meet the challenges of a global marketplace, so has our approach to community engagement.
• Through non-profit organizations, purposeful investments, and employee engagement with thoughtful advocacy efforts, PET and its employees support innovative partnerships and programs.

Respect & Humanity

• Respecting the Dignity of Humanity “Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights”
This Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights represents the commitment of The PET Company to fundamental standards that make PET a good place to work. People are PET’s most vital assets.

Non-Discrimination and Harassment

It is the policy of The PET Company to attract and retain the best-qualified people available without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status. Our nondiscrimination policy applies to applicants as well as employees and covers all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, terminations, compensation, and benefits. Discrimination or harassment based on any of the above factors is prohibited.

• Freedom of Association

• We recognize and respect employee rights to join or not join any lawful organization of their choosing. We are committed to complying with laws about freedom of association, privacy, and collective bargaining.

• Environment, Health, and Safety

• We are committed to providing employees with a safe and healthful workplace, protecting the environment wherever we conduct business, and striving for excellence in safety, health, and environmental stewardship.

• Work Environment and Compensation

• We are committed to promoting a work environment that fosters communication, productivity, creativity, teamwork, and employee engagement. As a global company, we seek to provide employees with compensation and benefits that are fair and equitable for the type of work and geographic location (local market).

• Hours of Work and Work Scheduling

• Each PET organization establishes work shifts and schedules as appropriate to meet business needs and to comply with applicable laws and/or collective bargaining agreements.

• Expectations for our Suppliers

• We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and business conduct as it relates to the procurement of goods and services. Our relationships with our third-party providers, including our consultants and contract labor, are defined by contracts, which are based on lawful, ethical, fair, and efficient practices.

• Slavery, Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Child Labor

• PET believes that the employment relationship should be voluntary, and the terms of employment must comply with applicable laws and regulations. We are therefore opposed to slavery, human trafficking, forced labor, and child labor and are committed to complying with applicable laws prohibiting such exploitation.


• We respect The Planet Earth

• Our products are in digital, physically at home, on the road, on the oceans, and in the skies, but they are built on the ground. Naturally, we have a deep commitment to using the materials, technology, and innovation we are known for to benefit the environment.
• We are developing and following new technologies that will bring greater care for “The Planet Earth “. We apply environmentally progressive innovations to our customers and our communities around the world.
• PET is a young, spiritual, and inspired local and global collaborative company, and we are consciously aware of complex challenges our world faces now and looking to the future. We support industry-wide approaches to align on ways to improve the environment.

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